The results from the show on Sunday, 3/24/13 (Postponed from 3/3) are as follows:

Show Riders – All Jumping Classes:

Champion: Gracey Robert; Reserve Champion: Anna Egensperger

1st Course: 1st – Gracie Robert on Rocket, 2nd – Anna Tokich on Aria, 3rd – Anna Egensperger on Clifford

2nd Course: Tied for 1st – Gracey, Anna E and Anna T

3rd Course: 1st – Gracey, 2nd – Anna E, 3rd – Anna T


Champion: Mary Hodina; Reserve Champion: Sammy Salatino

Equitation on the Flat: Tied for 1st – Julia Elbert on Nutmeg and Patti Eubelt on Truce, 2nd – Mary Hodina on EZ, Tied for 3rd – Michele Heintz on Sofie and Sammy Salatino on Java

1st Course: 1st – Sammy, 2nd – Mary, 3rd – Michelle, 4th – Patti, 5th – Julia

2nd Course: 1st – Mary, 2nd – Sammy, 3rd – Michelle, 4th – Julia, 5th – Patti

Trot-Canter Cross Rails:

Champion: Emily Seamon; Tied for Reserve Champion: Jeanette Baker and Gianna Salatino

Equitation on the Flat: 1st – Jeanette Baker on River, 2nd – Gianna Salatino on Patches, 3rd – Emily Seamon on Clifford

1st Course: 1st – Emily, 2nd – Gianna, 3rd – Jeanette

2nd Course: 1st – Emily, Tied for 2nd – Jeanette and Gianna

Trot Cross Rails:

Champion: Faye Toman; Reserve Champion: Sara Miller

Equitation on the Flat: 1st – Faye Toman on Mia, 2nd – Sara Miller on Crockett, Tied for 3rd – Carly Salatino on River and Paige Swit on EZ

1st Course: 1st – Sara, Tied for 2nd – Carly and Paige, 3rd – Faye

2nd Course: 1st – Faye, Tied for 2nd – Carly and Sara, 3rd – Paige

Trot Poles I:

Champion: Peter Schulz; Reserve Champion: Alexis Zehe

Equitation on the Flat: 1st – Alexis Zehe on Clifford, 2nd – Peter Schulz on River

1st Course: 1st – Peter, 2nd – Alexis

2nd Course: 1st – Peter, 2nd – Alexis

Trot Poles II:

Champion: Buffy McMillan; Reserve Champion: Madison Zinner

Equitation on the Flat: 1st – Buffy McMillan on Patches, 2nd – Madison Zinner on River

1st Course: 1st – Buffy, 2nd – Madison

2nd Course: 1st – Madison, 2nd – Buffy

Walk/Trot Leadline/Obstacle Course:

1st – Adrianna Valerio

Tied for 2nd – Caitlin Seamon and Kaden Zinner

Congratulations to all our winners!

Here are some pictures from the show.  Keep in mind I am not a professional photographer, but at least you can see them!