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• Sunday, July 08th, 2018

DSC07934Summer Camp was a lot of fun this year.  There were five days of riding, learning about horses and all that goes with them, jumping (both on horses and on foot), games, swimming, campfire with Smores, and friendships.  On Friday afternoon there was a horse show and everyone did great!

DSC07718There were over 20 riders at camp this year.  Every rider made improvements in their riding throughout the week.  Some formed or strengthened friendships that will hopefully last a life time.  Most importantly, their love of horses was deepened and they will have a bond with horses for the rest of their lives.  As Kathy said during one talk, they might be riders, or artists, or vets, or maybe just supporters of someone who rides, but horses are part of their destiny!

As always I will post some of the pictures on the Summer Camp 2018 tab on the left side of the site.  I will also make copies for anyone who wants them, just drop a flash drive off at the barn with your name on it.

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