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• Friday, June 24th, 2011

DSC02245Grace & KathyToday was the last day of summer camp.  It is obvious that all the campers had a good time.  The last day is always a combination of smiles, hugs, laughter and tears.

We're all Winners!Today was the end of camp horse show.  The campers judged each other in the show.  They were not being judged against each other, but instead were scored on how they performed.  Usually the campers are pretty hard on each other but this year 4 campers placed 2nd and the rest placed 1st.  I think they learned a lot during this week about trying hard and the scoring gave a lot of credit for trying.

Silly/Goofy FacesThe barn will seem empty without all those kids running around all day (and night).  The counselors really like the kids but are looking forward to some free time.  Kathy and JR really enjoy the kids but are now looking forward to catching up on their own work and riding.  The horses will miss all the extra grooming but not all the extra lessons!  The dogs will miss all the dropped snacks and extra petting.

It was a great week, with a variety of weather and activities.  All the campers made improvements in their riding.  Everyone got stronger and all the campers now strive to ride from a position of strength instead of weakness.

We can all start looking forward to winter camp now!

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• Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Today the campers practiced for the horse show tomorrow, except they gave the horses a break and had a “horseless” horse show.  Preparation for a horse show includes braiding your horses mane so everyone tried that today.

SwimmingSwinging/JumpingThe smallest campers were worn out and took a really long nap today.  The other campers relaxed by playing in the pool and on the swing set.  As you can see they were jumping without horses here as well.

Riding in the Rain!It’s been a rainy week but that doesn’t stop some of our die hard riders.  They rode out in the big ring even though it was raining.  Our photographer wasn’t much interested in getting soaked so these are long distance photos!  The younger ones stayed inside for their lesson tonight.

Friends!As the week draws to a close you can see the campers have really bonded.  The week is about horses but it’s also about friends and for a horse lover, the best friends are also horse lovers!

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