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• Monday, May 11th, 2015

DSC00685Summertime.  Just the word brings back great memories!  For many it’s memories of long hot days near a pool, trips to the amusement park or family vacations.  For Still Waters Farm riders it’s that first ride outside, long hot days at the horse shows and getting soaked giving your favorite pony a bath!  And, it’s summer camp!

Summer camp will be June 22nd thru June 26th this year.  If you’re new to Still Waters Farm check out the pictures from prior years on the left panel.  Summer camp is a great place to learn more about horses and how to take care of them.  The kids participate in multiple lessons each day so it gives their riding quite a boost as well.  I think many of them would say that hanging out with their friends and  horses for 5 straight days is the best part.  If you have a horse loving kid in your family, mark your calendars now!

The horses love summer time because they get to hang around outside with all their friends for most of the day.  Munching on grass and meandering around the field.  Playing halter tag (which they do as a year round activity).  It’s a great time of year!

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• Friday, February 13th, 2015

winter-camp-kidsWinter camp was a big success as always.  The kids had a good time and made great strides (pun intended) in their riding.  I also saw them working on jumping strides over a pole upstairs, some ofmylittleponies-camp them are fearless!

I had to get a picture of all the little ponies too, I guess even a barn full of live ones isn’t enough!  I think everyone is looking forward to summer camp next.

donutsIf you don’t come on Saturday mornings you’re missing out on the donuts.  As you can tell, the kids love them, but the work must still get done!  I’m not sure which one is more talented, pushing the wheelbarrow with one hand or holding the donut in your mouth while walking.

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