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• Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

DSC0556812241562_1669227720028992_5011067644955261787_nWe closed out 2015 with the OPHA annual banquet.  It was a fun night with Kathy, JR, the show kids (and adults) and their families.  Travis achieved Silver Level in Walk/Trot Cross Poles riding River.  Katie achieved Bronze Level in Limit riding Sis. Madison had a good first year in Short Stirrup riding Rocket.  Faye was 4th in Short Stirrup and 5th in Short Stirrup Equitation riding Mia.  Anna had a good year riding James.  Emily was 4th in Adult Flat Equitation riding James.

DSC05571It was a good year for all and we wish this group along with the new show kids/adults all the best in 2016!

DSC05919And this is Roxxy, the newest addition to the Still Waters Farm.  She is an adorable St. Bernard puppy that is growing by leaps and bounds!  She is super cuddly but be forewarned, she doesn’t realize how big she is and still thinks she’s a lap dog.  She’s still learning how to be a (good) barn dog; she can hold her own leash and a crop but sadly she’s finding it harder and harder to fit under Kathy’s stool during lessons.

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• Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Here are a few more pictures from summer camp.  I was trying to put them on the left side but messed up so they are here as a bonus.

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